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Valuan Airships

Airships are the main (and only) form of transportation around the world of Arcadia. They are essential to any traveler, merchant or otherwise. Airships appear little to no different from sea-going ships in the real world.

History of Airships[edit | edit source]

Blimps and Rowboats[edit | edit source]

The very first airships were simple gas-based zeppelins and rowboats. Many of the first travelers perished out in the unknown by attempting to cross sky rifts and other currents with these vessels. One such adventurer repeatedly tried to cross the dark rift, a feat that the Delphinus could barely manage a generation later. These were soon replaced by small wooden ships.

Wooden Era[edit | edit source]

The wooden ship is still used by many a traveler of Arcadia. Notable air pirate captains that use wooden ships include Dyne, Drachma, Baltor, and Gilder.

Metal Ships[edit | edit source]

Metal ships are primarily built and used by the Valuan Armada. Their most powerful airships are given to Admirals and manufactured by the head of the technology department, De Loco. The Admirals' ships are modified to match their style (i.e.: Gregorio's Auriga being armed with a spiked wall in front and defense breaking cannons).

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