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The Alania is a giant spider-like creature encountered in the Lands of Ice.

It is one of the 5 giant monsters you must hunt down if you want the Extravagant or Sky Battle King swashbuckler rating, and to unlock the 3 secrets.

Alania can only be fought in the Delphinus.


  • Spiral
Spiral has an attack of 280, a range of 0, and is completely unavoidable.
  • Shaggy
Shaggy has an attack of 220, a range of 0, and is completely unavoidable.


Alania is extremely vulnerable to red magic attacks.



The name "Alania" is likely a localization error. Fitting with the game's Spanish naming theme, it's more likely the name was meant to be Araña, which translates not only to "spider" but to "chandelier" as well, both of which this monster shares design elements with.

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