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The Albatross is Captain Dyne's ship, it is armed with a total of ten cannons, five on each of its port and starboard sides. It has a sail design reminiscent to that of a 17th century European galleon and the Dyne family crest is displayed on most of them. The Albatross is destroyed at the beginning of the game when Dyne and his crew, along with Fina, are captured by the Valuan Armada. It is later replaced by the Albatross II, a ship which according to Briggs the Vice captain, was based on the blueprints of the original Albatross, but according to Luke the raider, has much more powerful engines and armor than the original. The Albatross II was one of many ships that engaged the Valuan Armada during the Battle of Soltis. Vyse is seen in command of a ship of the exact same build at the end of the game, only instead of the Bronze metal lining, the lining is Blue.

Name Origins[]

An Albatross is a biological family of large winged seabirds.


There is a model of the Albatross sitting atop a bookshelf in the meeting room at Crescent Isle.