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Ancient Palace is a discovery in the interior of the Valuan continent.


A beautiful old castle that stands near a lake in central Valua. Local legends of evil wizards and mysterious disappearances were revived when various potions and torture devices were discovered in the dungeons beneath the castle.


Ancient palace.png

The Ancient Palace is often very difficult to find, as it is located in the central area of the Valuan continent which is a rather large area to search. It is located just outside of the southwestern edge of the rim of the large crater in the southern area of central Valua. It sits on the lower end of one of the ridges that run north-to south coming off of the high mountain range which forms the ring of impassable mountains that enclose the Valuan capital itself.  The Palace is located almost directly West-Southwest of the top-side entrance to the Maw of Tartas, where the Great Seal is located.

If the horizontal rows of squares on your map were labeled A-N and the vertical rows 1-12, your ship would be near H4.