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Anguila (アンギーラ) is the boss of the Dark Rift. It is a large serpent like creature who has made its nest in the only way out of the Dark Rift forcing you to fight it.

When defeated, the Anguila yields 10,830 EXP, 5,400 Gold and is guaranteed to drop a Concussion Bomb and Heavy Torpedo. If Osman is an active crew member when fighting Anquila, it will also drop a Timing Valve.

Name Origin[]

Anguila is Spanish for "eel".


  • Despite being treated as the Boss of the Dark Rift, the regular ship battle music plays during its fight. It also explodes like after you defeat a regular ship for some reason.
  • Not much is known about this strange creature other than that The Dark Rift is its home.
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