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"Your petty little tricks won't work on us!" - Gilder

Aura of Denial (効かねえなあ Kikaneenaa) is the second Super Move Gilder learns. It is an Expedited Ability that costs two Moonberries to learn and 3 SP to use.


The Aura of Denial's effects are very specific and although they go into effect instantly, the technique does not actually do anything until an opponent attacks. The ability grants the party immunity to negative status effects for one turn. This applies to foes that have specialized standard attacks that occasionally poison, stone, fatigue, and so on, as well as to magic that generates negative effects such as Drilnos and Slipara. Using the Aura of Denial will also block the instant death effects of the the Eterni spells.

The Aura of Denial will not block the execution of any technique as Delta Shield would, instead only actually blocking the effects it might have generated. For example, if the party is under the effect of Aura of Denial, and an opponent casts Eternum, the spell will proceed as usual, cycling through the full animation, but the instant death effect will be blocked and the spell will instead do damage. Similarly, spells such as Drilnos and Panika will simply miss after executing instead of "pinging" off as with Delta Shield.


Tactically, this move is only useful in certain instances, especially as Gilder is only with the party for a short period of time, limiting the usefulness of this ability even further. It is usually considered to be not worth wasting the moonberries on, until much later in the game when Gilder joins up again. It can be a great asset in certain boss and bounty battles, especially against the Ixa'ness Demons, but generally is of little use in standard random encounter battles, or even most storyline boss battles.

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