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The Auriga

The Auriga is Admiral Gregorio's personal flagship, which Vyse encounters near Esparanza, before entering the Dark Rift.


The Auriga is plated with some of the strongest armor in the Valuan Armada, especially since the Auriga is the airship that helped earn Gregorio the nickname 'Iron Wall'. Its signature attack is to ram into the opposing ship with its thick frontal armor, smashing it to pieces.


All you need to do is use a spell/item that raises quick when he uses hull ram, then you can use Moonstone Cannon next turn. Before the battle however, buy 10 inch Coil, Valuan Torpedo and Advanced Cannon. Before the turn comes to use Moonstone Cannon, just keep using healing moves, focus, guard, and maybe attack at least twice with Advanced Cannon. When the turn comes, use the fourth block for Moonstone Cannon, on the second block use 10 inch Coil all the way to fourth block, and on third block use Valuan Torpedo on fourth block. At the end of the turn this does 10500 or so damage. Keep doing this till he is defeated.


As Gregorio's personal ship, the Auriga carries fairly heavy armament.

  • AP Cannon
The AP Cannon has an attack of 300, a range of 0, and a hit percent of 87%.
  • Fragment Gun
The Fragment Gun has an attack of 250, a range of 2, and a hit percent of 87%.
  • Blast Charge
The Blast Charge has an attack of 300, a range of 2, and a hit percent of 80%.
  • Hull Ram
Hull Ramming has an attack of 500, and a range of 2. It can be avoided if the player casts Quika on their ship or uses Speed Wax before the attack is performed. After that you can use Moonstone Cannon.


Name HP Defense Will Magic Defense Quick Agile Dodge Percent
Auriga 50000 300 250 300 80 15 5


When defeated, the Auriga yields a Captain's Stripe (100%), a Heavy Armor Deck (100%) and a 12" Cannon (100%).


Like all flagships of the Valuan Armada, the Auriga is named after a constellation, situated in the Northern sky. Its name is Latin for "charioteer" and its shape resembles the pointed helmet of a charioteer. As a helmet is a piece of armor, this could be a reference to the ship's strong defenses.

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