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Beak Rock is the 10th discovery that can be made by Vyse.


A natural rock formation, sculpted by the constant wind currents of South Ocean. Many a sailor's story tells of a giant bird flying south, or being attacked by a monstrous beak, but these are likely based on sightings of this rock.


Found in the South Ocean, this discovery can be one of the most irritating to find. The simplest way to find it is to alter the way the player crosses the South Ocean, so that they use islands as waypoints, traveling from island to island. If the player uses only the southernmost islands in this manner, they will find both this discovery and the Sky Anemone. This discovery is located on one of the last islands when crossing the south ocean. When viewed from west to east, the island has a large indent in it and resembles a bird's head without its beak, unfortunatly the player will probably approach it from behind and may not notice this until after the discovery is made.


  • This discovery seems to contain an indirect reference to the Roc, and may have exacerbated rumors and disbelief that the creature actually existed when discovered.