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Black Pirates (黒の空賊 kuro no kūzoku?, "Black Air Pirates") are a faction of unscrupulous criminals who lack the Blue Rogues' self-restraint and hence have earned the Rogues' attention. Instead of stealing treasure from armed ships, they are known to target merchants and unarmed vessels.

Many of the Black Pirates appear on the Wanted List in the Legends re-release. Unlike other bosses, their levels are not static and will increase as the party's level rises. Only Baltor and Gordo are fought automatically in the storyline; the rest of the Pirates require Vyse to seek them out.

Notable Pirates[]

In Skies of Arcadia Legends, the Gamecube re-release, these Black Pirates appear in various locations and can be hunted for bounty rewards.

  • Baltor the Black Bearded: a tough-acting pirate from Nasr airspace who is known for attacking merchant ships and unarmed sailors. He carries a grudge against Vyse for defeating him while escorting a Nasr merchant from Sailor's Island.
  • Gordo the Round: an obese pirate whose plundering is driven by his lust for unique food. He and his group of Mad Chefs are fought while passing through North Ocean after leaving Ixa'Taka.
  • Lord Zivilyn Bane: a mysterious treasure hunter, he is the apparent leader of the Zivilyn Banes. The final bounty, he is encountered in Soltis, just before battling Ramirez.
  • Rupee of the Larso Clan: a diminuitive and shy Black Pirate, Rupee is accompanied by his bodyguard, the more intimidating Barta. They can be found at the docks at Maramba after obtaining the Red Crystal.
  • Loose Cannon Lapen: a brilliant, but misguided engineer raised by Centime, he seeks to prove himself by battling Vyse's party with his enormous tank. Lapen is found outside the Sailor's Island weapons shop after obtaining the Delphinus.
  • Ixa'ness Demons: a trio of female warriors hailing from Ixa'Taka, these three sisters can combine their powers to overwhelm the party. Their ship can be found floating above the Ixa'ness Village after obtaining the Blue Crystal.
  • Vize the Legend: a trio of criminals who resemble Vyse, Aika, and Fina in appearance. They manage to poison Vyse's reputation until defeated. They are encountered in Nasrad after obtaining the Blue Crystal and having a title of "Daring" or anything above.
  • Daikokuya the Wealthy: a wealthy Black Pirate who was unsatisfied with the riches he owned. He built his own ship, which resembles a beckoning cat, to travel the world for treasure. He is found in the Lands of Ice after visiting Dangral Island.