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The Blackbeard is the ship of the black air-pirate Baltor. It is encountered two times during the game and are both story-battle, so can't be avoided. It bears black sails typical of Black pirates, it is armed with a total of sixteen cannons, eight on each of it's port and starboard sides. It was one of many ships that engaged the Valuan Armada during the Battle of Soltis

It's one of the two non-optional wanted enemy (the second is Gordo).

Blackbeard I[]

Vyse was attacked by him while escorting the Nasr Merchant from Pirate Island to Nasrad

Blackbeard II[]

When taking Prince Enrique to Sailor's Island after the events in the Vortex, Vyse encounters Baltor for the second time.  According to information at the Sailor's Guild, Baltor has been searching for Vyse since his first defeat, and has a "New and Improved" ship, the Blackbeard II, to challenge him.

The fight is easy compared to the first, considering the Delphinus's power. HP: 15.000

  • Attack: Vega Cannon Plus

When defeated, the Blackbeard II drops a Spherical Figure, Hybrid Wax and a Timing Valve.

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