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The Bleigock (イマゴタリア Imagotaria in Japanese) is the third boss of skies of Arcadia and the first of three major boss battles in Valua, located in the catacombs under the Coliseum. It resembles a blob-like creature composed of a translucent, possibly poisonous substance due to the surrounding sewage, with several human skulls floating inside its body. It is Green-affiliated.


The origins of this vile creature, as well as how it was created are unknown. The bones and blood located in the room it is fought in, along with the skulls seen inside itself, indicate that there have been numerous occasions where people tried to break into the Coliseum, only to die by Bleigock. It is also possible that those who were executed in the Coliseum had their corpse thrown into the pit, where they were devoured by the Bleigock.

As a boss[]

Statistically, the Bleigock has 4,291 HP, 117 Attack, 86 Defense and Magic Defense, 28 Vigor, 43 Will, 34 Quick, 15 Agile, a Hit percentage of 75 and a Dodge percentage of 5.

The Bleigock can use the following battle commands:

  • Attack: A standard physical attack that has a chance of inflicting poison.
  • Poisonous Bile: Bleigock spews out a stream of green liquid, damaging all party members with a chance of poisoning each one.
  • Frost Breath: Bleigock breathes a stream of icy cold air, causing the area around the party to freeze over and shatter, inflicting damage on all of them.

When defeated, the Bleigock yields 1299 EXP, 953 gold and a single guarantee Vidal Seed. Afterwards, the party can access the next boss battle in the Valuan Coliseum (though it is highly advised that you save your game first).

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