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Bluheim (ブリュウホウ Buryuuhou) is the phoenix-like Blue Gigas.


Bluheim is a giant, highly evasive phoenix-like Gigas with large wings that are made of a material that manages to keep it afloat. It was imprisoned at the summit of Mount Kazai until the Blue Moon Crystal was stolen from the King of Yafutoma by Kangan. Once Kangan summoned Bluheim, Vyse engaged with the Gigas in a lengthy battle due to its incredible speed.


Bluheim has three special moves:

  • Blue Winds - Bluheim summons a great gust of wind to blow away enemy ships. Uses it on the turn with two Moonstone Cannon slots. Guard on the latter of the two and use the Moonstone Cannon on the first slot. If you don't, Blue Winds will push you back causing you to be in a bad position. Does damage.
  • Phoenix Ray - Bluheim fires blue lasers into the clouds, which then fire at their target.
  • Blue Lightning - Bluheim summons huge blue fireballs at his target.


When defeated, Bluheim yields a Captain’s Stripe.

When defeated the wreckage of Bluheim can be seen on the slopes of Mt. Kazai.


  • Bluheim's Japanese name is Buryuuhou, likely a combination of blue, and the Japanese words ryuu (dragon), and Hou-ou (phoenix).
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