A mark earned by shooting down an enemy. Using it will increase ship parameters and endurance.Item description

A Captain's Stripe is an item that permanently increase the maximum health of the player's ship. They increase the Little Jack's health by 1,000 and the Delphinus's by 2,000. They are obtained at the end of major ship battles. Any Captain's Stripe used on the Little Jack carries over to the Delphinus.

List of Captain's Stripes

There are twelve Captain's Stripes, though the final one cannot be used (see Trivia below).[1] All but one of the Captain's Stripes are mandatory and are given to the player following storyline battles. Captain's Stripes are obtained in order in the following battles:

# Battle type Ship used Unlock requirement
1 Mandatory Little Jack After defeating Baltor the Black Bearded while escorting the Nasr Merchant to Nasrad.
2 After defeating Belleza's ship, the Lynx, in Nasr.
3 After defeating De Loco's ship, the Chameleon, in the first battle over Ixa'Taka.
4 After defeating the Green Gigas, Grendel, in Ixa'Taka.
5 Delphinus After defeating Gregorio's ship, the Auriga, outside Esperanza.
6 After defeating Vigoro's ship, the Draco, outside Yafutoma.
7 After defeating the Blue Gigas, Bluheim, outside Yafutoma.
8 Optional After defeating Giant Looper in Looper Land.
9 Mandatory After defeating the Yellow Gigas, Yeligar, in Valua.
10 After defeat De Loco's ship, the Chameleon, in the final battle against him.
11 After defeating Galcian's Hydra in the skies above Soltis.
12 After defeating the Silver Gigas, Zelos, in the final ship battle and penultimate battle in the game. This Captain's Stripe cannot be used.


  • A Captain's Stripe is awarded to the player after defeating the penultimate boss of the game, Zelos, but as there is no chance to access the menu before continuing onto the last boss and the ending plays immediately after, the player will not get a chance to use it. Furthermore, as Zelos is the final ship battle, there would be no reason to use it anyway.[1]


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