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Centime is a friendly old man who Vyse and company first encounter whilst in Ixa'Taka.


Centime's ship, the Iron Clad, was grounded in Horteka after roughing the perils of South Ocean, and Centime found himself stranded with his wife and children, most, if not all of whom, are believed to be adopted. After Vyse's crew breaks Centime out of his cell in the Valuan-controlled Moonstone Mountain, he returns the favor by sabotaging De Loco's traps within the mine, allowing Vyse and his friends to escape unharmed.

It is later learned that "Loose Cannon" Lapen, a Black Pirate vandal, is another adopted son of Centime. Indeed, it would seem that Centime had, in his time, adopted and raised a fair few orphans. Centime appears on Empress Teodora's "Most Wanted" list, early in the game, under the name of "Centime the Tinker", but is replaced further on in the game.


Centime is the French word for a ten cent monetary piece.