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The Chameleon in its first appearance

The Chameleon in its second appearance

The Chameleon is the flagship of the 5th Fleet of the Armada, captained by Admiral De Loco. It is encountered in battle a total of 3 times and is the only Valuan flagship to ever be seen in drydock.


De Loco's personal ship, the Chameleon is a testament to his inventive prowess. The entire vessel is heavily customized, with several large interchangeable frontal weapon modules being exchanged in and out over the course of the game. The ship's shifting design and weapon systems make it aptly named, with De Loco himself boasting of his vessel being "the ever-changing Chameleon."

De Loco is deeply attached to his vessel, and exhibits a badly warped morality where he places the well being and health of his machines far above all else, which only serves to infuriate him further as Vyse's cannons go blow-to-blow with his own. De Loco makes vows along the lines of "anyone who dares to damage my precious Chameleon will pay with their lives!" At such moments, he (usually) goes completely insane and loses any and all self restraint. The result is an unflattering portrait of him waving his arms madly, hopping around in a frenzy, and screaming at the top of his voice while his mechanical suit exhibits signs of strain by whistling, boinging and producing all manner of comical noises. He usually then attempts to convince himself that he is dreaming, before eventually blowing a fuse (apparently literally) and blacking out.


The Chameleon is battled three times in the game: twice in Ixa'Taka and once in Deep Sky during the search for Fina's ship. This makes it the only flagship the party fights more than once.


The Chameleon attacks using De Loco's custom weapons.

  • De Loco Cannon
The De Loco Cannon has an attack of 300, a range of 0, and a hit chance of 60%.
  • Chameleon Cannon
The Chameleon Cannon has an attack of 250, a range of 2, and a hit chance of 70%.
  • De Loco Torpedo
The De Loco Torpedo has an attack of 550, a range of 3, and a hit chance of 70%.


Name HP Defense Will Magic Defense Quick Agile Dodge Percent
Chameleon 30000 150 200 380 120 20 30


You can obtain an extra Captain's Stripe from the Chameleon by completely depleting all of its health in one turn (without activating the cutscene which activates at about <40% health) in the first part of the Deep Sky encounter.

Like all flagships of the Valuan Armada, the Chameleon is named after a constellation, situated in the Southern sky. The chameleon is also a type of lizard, known to be able to change its coloring to match its surroundings. De Loco notably states himself that the name of the ship is a reference to its ability to change its armament without changing its design, much like a chameleon changes its appearance.

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