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In some ways, she's even more frightening than the Armada.
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Clara (クローネ Kurōne in Japanese) is a major character in Skies of Arcadia. She is also sometimes known as 'Calamity Clara'. She is a slightly crazy Blue Rogue who is obsessed with Gilder. Believing him to be her true love, Clara chases Gilder across Arcadia in her modified pirate ship, the Primrose.


Clara is first introduced when Aika and Fina are separated from Vyse following the evacuation of the Little Jack. Clara brought them onboard her ship and gave them a ride to Nasrad in order to search for Vyse. She was even kind enough to give them money in case they needed it, showing that Clara had a huge heart and would help anyone in need. Aika sees Clara as "the nicest stalker [she] ever met." Later in the game, when Vyse and Gilder are imprisoned in the Grand Fortress, Gilder hesitates to break out once he learns that Clara will be part of the rescue force. Nevertheless, Clara and Guilder are both shown to get along amicably when in the same room, implying that Clara's pursuit is actually fun for both of them.

Clara's ship is painted in vivid shades of pink, red and yellow, and it reminds Aika of a "honeymoon suite." Her crew consists entirely of adolescent girls and young women, some of whom also hope to seek their true love across the skies. Her crew includes Belle, a gunner who she leaves for Vyse and his crew to teach. Belle later joins Clara's crew again. After the end of Skies of Arcadia, Clara continues to sail the skies in pursuit of Gilder.


  • Clara's Japanese name is Krone, which is the currency used in various countries in Northern Europe.
  • Her theme song isn't in the original soundtrack.