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"Bring it on!" - Vyse

Counterstrike (リヴェンジ Rivenji) is one of Vyse's Super Moves. It costs one Moonberry to learn and one SP to execute.


When executed, Vyse will take a defensive stance for the duration of the turn. Damage from any attack he receives will be calculated as if he were guarding (i.e. 50% of what it would normally be). In addition, Vyse will automatically counter attack any basic physical attacks from any number of enemies that turn.

This technique is an expedited ability, executing at the beginning of the turn regardless of any combatant's quick rating. Note that Vyse will only counterattack when struck with a standard attack, not magic or Super Moves.

In the bounty battle against Vize, Vize will use a spoof S.Move named Revenge (リベンジ Ribenji) that has the exact same effect as Counterstrike. This could be a nod to Counterstrike's original Japanese title, which phonetically translates to "Revenge".


Counterstrike is not a useful Super Move since it only works if an enemy uses a physical attack against Vyse, thus if the enemy party attacks someone else or uses a different battle command, then Vyse has essentially wasted a turn.

Later in the game, Counterstrike becomes completely outclassed by Skull Shield, which is similar to Counterstrike, except that it completely negates all physical attacks against the party during that turn.

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