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Cutlass Fury (カトラスダンス Katorasu Dansu) is one of Vyse's Super Moves. It happens to be the only Super Move that any playable character knows at the start of the game.


Cutlass Fury costs 7 SP to use and does damage to a single enemy equal to a normal physical attack multiplied by 2.5.[1]

During the move, Vyse's dual cutlasses begin to glow in a translucent manner, presumably disconnecting from any specific Moon Stone element. He rushes up on a single opponent while unleashing a battle cry, saying "Ha!". He then strikes twice with each weapon, finally jumping high into the air to come down for a final blow after declaring "Cutlass Fury!". Throughout the attack, the swords make the standard slashing sound effect.


The attack inflicts solid physical damage-- considerably good for the relatively low SP cost of the move.

Cutlass Wrath[]

Cutlass Wrath (カトラスブギ Katorasubugi) is a joke move used by Vize. It has the exact same animation, but the background is pink and the sound effects differ (a deep woosh at the start, followed by nothing but the sword effects). Also, the only speaking is at the end, Vize says (in a somewhat mocking tone) "Heh, Cutlass Wrath!".


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