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The 1st Fleet of the Armada is seen over the lands of Ixa'taka.

The Cygnus was a Valuan Flagship under the command of Admiral Alfonso from the 1st Fleet of the Imperial Armada. It is one of the few flagships that the player does not engage in battle with.


The Cygnus emerged in Ixa'Taka along with De Loco's flagship at the attempt to confront the Green Gigas, Grendel. Alfonso ordered his fleet to retreat shortly after the 'Fist of Grendel' destroyed one of his ships. His own Vice Captain questioned how they could pull back their forces just after appearing on the battlefield.


  • Cygnus means "swan" in Latin, deriving from κύκνος (kyknos); "swan" in Ancient Greek. The ship is named after the northern constellation, which is in turn named after a character in Greek Mythology.
  • Cygnus is also the genus of most swans.
  • This ship should not be confused with the Valuan Battleship that Alfonso captains in the beginning of the game.