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Daikokuya (ダイコクヤ?) is the wealthiest man in Yafutoma and decided to become an air pirate in order to lead a life of fun and excitement.


Despite his immense wealth, Daikokuya still felt unsatisfied. In order to become an air pirate, he bought a ship, put together a crew, and built the mechanized cat that he rides on, the "Tama", for his own use and set out to see the world and in the process destroying many towns along the way earning him a bounty on his head.

Eventually he found himself lost in the Lands of Ice where he was confronted by Vyse. After revealing his intentions to have Vyse's head taken home with him as a trophy, the battle went underway.


In combat Daikokuya rides on "Tama" and has his two bodyguards, Boo and Youjin , fight for him, summoning more if the first ones fall. He is a firm believer that money can buy anything and most of his special moves revolve around money, the most notable being Golden Flurry, where he literally drops a mountain of gold on his opponents.

Daikokuya's moveset

  • Attack
  • Slipara
  • Electrulen
  • Eternes
  • Golden Flurry -- an all-hitting attack that deals moderate damage and can also cause confusion to any party members. The attack even bypasses the effects of Justice Shield.
  • Bodyguard -- a non-attacking move that summons an additional bodyguard; can be either a Boo or a Youjin.


After he is defeated by Vyse, Daikokuya surrenders and states that he has become smitten with Vyse's strength, accepting that there are some things that money cannot buy. He agrees to not cause any more trouble, but refuses to give up on seeing the world and also admits to himself that Vyse's love already belongs to another. After he asks Vyse to "warm him up," Vyse promptly calls for an emergency evacuation while Aika and Fina laugh. He is later reported to have numerous sightings in various places buying gifts by the boat load.

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