Doc (ドク doku?) is a middle-aged man with a close-cut haircut, a white coat, and a friendly disposition. He does not appear in the original Dreamcast version of Skies of Arcadia, being exclusive to the re-release for the Nintendo Gamecube entitled "Skies of Arcadia: Legends".

In Japanese, his full name is "Doctor" (ドクトル dokutoru?), with "Doc" being his nickname.

Information[edit | edit source]

Despite his affable demeanor, Doc first greets Vyse and his friends with a "curt" voice. Both his and Maria's story is revealed as Vyse and his friends raise Maria's bird. After Maria begins to speak again, he reveals that he was close friends with Ramirez.

Profile[edit | edit source]

Doc was once employed by Mendosa, Maria's father. He was her caretaker, and was close to her family. When he saw Ramirez kill Mendosa and set fire to the ship they were all on, he rescued Maria and fled. It is unlikely that he ever returned to Valua after that. Unfortunately, they never knew what became of Maria's older sister, and haven't heard from her in a long time.

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