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Vigoro's Flagship flies with the combined 3rd and 4th Fleets of the Armada in the skies of Yafutoma, waging war.

The Draco was a Valuan Flagship under the command of Admiral Vigoro from the 3rd Fleet of the Imperial Armada. It is one of the many Valuan Flagships that Vyse and his crew battles.


The Draco is first witnessed in the skies of Yafutoma, alongside 4th Admiral Belleza's Flagship, the Lynx. It also takes part in the war with the Tenkou. Until Vyse re-commandeers his ship, the Tenkou soon are losing the battle. When the Delphinus is back in its rightful owner's hands, the tide of the fighting turns, and so does the Draco.


As you engage in battle with Vigoro's Flagship, you will notice that the choreography is quite different compared to other battles. This time, you will face the Draco head-on at most times because Vyse and Vigoro are attempting to defeat one another quickly by using their S. Cannons. The battle is an aggressive and reckless one that requires you to take out your enemy as soon as possible. On every turn that you will be able to fire your S. Cannon, Vigoro will get the same chance.

Vigoro goes so far as to gloat about his cannon being bigger than yours. Innuendo aside, there is no mistake in that: the Draco is equipped with the massive Vigoro Cannon, or the 'Draco Cannon,' which fires a massive ballistic round rather than an energy-based blast like the Moonstone Cannon. Every turn the two ships will head face-to-face and fire at will; so you must defeat Vigoro before he does the same to you first. Overpowered players should have access of Sacrulen on either Aika or Fina (or both) by this battle, but the underleveled players should recruit Kirala and use her crew command if the situation gets dire. Also, having Urala on active duty will be very useful for this battle since you're practically firing your S. Cannon every turn.


  • Secondary Cannon
The Secondary Attack has an attack stat of 300, a range of 0, and a hit chance of 80%.
  • Piercing Torpedo
The Piercing Torpedo has an attack stat of 500, a range of 2, and a hit chance of 80%.
  • Draco Cannon
The Draco's signature attack, the Draco Cannon, has an attack stat of 680, a range of 0, and is completely unavoidable.


Name HP Defense Will Magic Defense Quick Agile Dodge Percent
Draco 45000 125 240 300 100 15 10


When defeated, the Draco gives out 12980 EXP, 6100 Gold, and drops a Captain's Stripe (100%).


Like all flagships of the Valuan Armada, the Draco is named after a constellation, situated in the deep Northern sky. Draco is also the Latin word for "dragon" and could also be a reference to the aggressive battle tactics the ship uses.

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