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Dyne (ダイン Dain?) is Vyse's father and mentor, who is the rowdy captain of the Albatross, and later the Albatross II.


Dyne appears a strict gentleman, but also extremely wise, and a good talker. Punctuality and decorum seem to be a major concern of his, as he often chastises Vyse for being late, stating "On a ship, being a little late can cost lives" and for calling him "Dad" while on raids. Dyne is equally as bold and as daring as his son, and is renowned as an expert gunslinger and tactician. Dyne is the proud father of the Dyne family, as well as all of Pirate Isle; he set up his base at the age of 19.


Dyne wields a pistol that uses armor piercing bullets, as he uses it to kill a Valuan soldier by shooting through his metal armor. Dyne initially appears second on Empress Teodora's "Most Wanted" list, only behind Gilder, but is replaced further on in the game. Dyne plays a very small role in the game, following the first escape from Valua, until his skills are once again called for in the Battle of Soltis, where he fights against the Armada under his own son's command. He expresses great pride that Vyse was able to bring together a massive fleet of allies for his fight against Galcian with little to no effort. After the battle, he relents and says he'd be honored if Vyse just called him Dad from now on.

At the end of the game, Dyne retires from being captain, though his crew still addresses him so.


  • Captain Dyne is named after the currency used in Panzer Dragoon Saga and also one of the developers of that game.