Enemies make up a majority of the opponents you’ll face in Arcadia. Ranging from beasts to humans to machines, they appear in large varieties and vary in strengths, elemental attributes and abilities. Slain enemies yield Experience Points and Magic Experience and serve as one of the main sources of Gold. Almost all enemies in the game have a chance of dropping items, which vary between consumable items to rare equipment.

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Encountering Enemies[edit | edit source]

A random encounter.

In Arcadia, enemies are encountered in either “random encounters” or “scripted encounters”.

Random Encounter[edit | edit source]

Random encounters are the most common type of enemy encounter. True to their name, they occur at random while exploring airspaces and dungeons. In these battles, party and the enemies are placed on the field at random.

In the Dreamcast version, it is possible to sometimes foresee a random encounter by noticing a loud spin-up of the Dreamcast’s CD-Rom drive.

The frequency of random encounters is one of the common criticisms in the Dreamcast version of Skies of Arcadia; as a result, the frequency was reduced in the GameCube remake.

Scripted Encounter[edit | edit source]

A scripted encounter is an enemy encounter that occurs in a specific location, usually at certain point in a building, when opening a treasure chest, or during dramatic scenes and are, for the most part, unavoidable. Scripted encounters are often against a group of enemies that are also randomly fought in the current area or a unique enemy that doesn’t appear elsewhere (such as the Aluspheres in Mount Kazai). Unlike random encounters, where the combatant’s placement at the start is random, scripted battles have both your party and the enemies in a specific formation. While some scripted battles occur in a way similar to random encounters, most of these battles are denoted by the presence of an enemy on the field in plain sight; upon defeat, the enemy is then removed from the field.

Monster Lines[edit | edit source]

A monster line refers to a group of enemies in which all of the variants share the same base model, but are palette swaps of each other, sometimes with minor visual changes such as more elaborate armor designs. Variants in a monster line contain stats and abilities different from that of the original enemy, though they tend to retain the original’s battle tactics. Typically, all the variants in a monster line have the same elemental attribute, but there are a few where each variant’s element-type is different. Monster lines generally contain no more than two to four variants, save for the Looper monster line, which contains seven variants.

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