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"Moons, protect me! Epsilon Mirror!" - Aika

Epsilon Mirror (エペシロンミラー) is the fourth Super Move Aika learns. It costs 2 Moonberries to be learned and 10 SP to perform during a fight.


Epsilon Mirror is an Expedited Ability, taking place at the beginning of the turn. A reflective dodecahedron surrounds Aika, after which she is fully covered in a silvery film that renders her completely invulnerable and grants her 10 MP. During that turn, Aika cannot be affected by any kind of attack, magic, S.move, status change (though it won't heal previous status changes) or item, but is also incapable of doing anything, not even countering attacks directed at her (this does not hold true if Vyse's Skull Shield is also in action, since the shield counters the attack, not Aika herself). Anything targeted at her will be deflected in a spark-like fashion while the mirror is active. It disappears at the end of the turn, enabling her to act on the next one.


Epsilon Mirror isn't very useful since its effects are limited only to Aika herself, whereas other defensive Super Moves like Delta Shield protect the entire party; the move's high SP cost doesn't help much either. Ultimately, Epsilon Mirror is little more than a novelty, though the MP recovering effect can be of occasional use. Even then, as Aika's Will pales in comparison to Fina's, so Aika would only use this move after spending numerous healing the party, which most players would rather do with items in order to preserve SP for S. Moves.


  • A similar move (Steelskin) is used by the boss Tortigar in Mount Kazai.
  • If Epsilon Mirror is still in effect at the end of a battle, Aika will perform her victory pose still covered in the silvery film.
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