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Expedited Abilities are a class of ability which functions outside the rules of standard quickness.


Where as all other abilities are executed in order of how speedy the combatant is, these moves execute immediately when used. These moves are usually defensive, including Counterstrike, Delta Shield, and Justice Shield, to name only a few. However these moves can also be healing in nature, such as Lunar Light and Lunar Cleansing, as well as on rare occasion offensive, including Prophecy and Blue Rogues.

Class System[]

There is a class system to Expedited Abilities as well. Certain abilities have priority over others.

Class I[]

Class I abilities are executed immediately; all other moves are canceled. Overrules all other combat techniques with no exceptions. Only 2 moves belong to this category:

Class II[]

Class II abilities are executed immediately and overrule all other abilities below class II. Very few moves are in this category:

Class III[]

Class III moves are before all combat abilities and Class III or lower expedited abilities. Several moves belong in this catagory:

Class IV[]

Class IV abilities are executed before all basic combat techniques. This class of move is usually used by foes:

~Please note: Verification may be needed on some of these noted by a (*) symbol, and there are probably some missing.

  • Counter Stance (Various)
  • [others]