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A butterfly that travels in groups, in search of Balloon Flower nectar. Their remarkable endurance allows them to cross vast spans without sleeping or resting. Also, the silk produced by their larvae is valued for its strength and resilience.

The Flutterflies have an extended movement range in Upper Sky, encompassing the western edge of the Looper's Nest area, over the Valua Continent, and into Yafutoma. It can be an extremely difficult discovery to find naturally.

Flutterflies seem to be based off of migratory Monarch butterflies. They are known to fly at high altitudes (up to 11,000 feet) during their migration south towards California, Florida, and Mexico for the colder months.

An easy way to find the discovery is to travel Gordo's Bistro and ascend into Upper Sky. Save the game and reload. Immediately travel southwest, and as you approach the rising of the Green Moon in the horizon, the Flutterflies should appear in front of you. The insects at a glance appear to be moving yellow dots. If you've traveled into Ixa'taka you've gone too far.