A Frost Worm (アスヒモス Asuhimosu) is a monster that resembles a large centipede encased in ice. It is a purple-affiliated enemy and one of few enemies without any palette swap counterparts.

In-battle, the Frost Worm can use the following battle commands:

  • Attack: A standard physical attack.
  • Eternal Freeze: Covers the area in front of it in ice that subsequently shatters, damaging all party members.

When defeated, the Frost Worm yields 2,449 EXP, 531 Gold, and have a 3% chance of dropping a Crystalen Box. It is fought in Glacia.

Although the Frost Worm is one of the slowest monsters in Glacia, it has the highest Defense ratings by quite a large margin, coupled with strong attacks; only the Dolthstra has more HP. Therefore, it is these two monsters that you should focus your attacks on when they appear in battle.

Level HP Attack Defense Vigor Will Magic Defense Quick Agile Hit Percent Dodge Percent
33 2845 375 355 118 454 355 93 5 85 5
Element Green Red Purple Blue Yellow Silver
Resistance 100% 200% 0% 100% 100% 100%
Status Condition Poison Stone Silence Confusion Sleep Weak Instant Death
Resistance 70% 50% 100% 30% 30% 50% 50%
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