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Gadianos (ガディタウス) is a Silver Civilization android that guards Soltis. It attacks the Delphinus as it attempts to enter Soltis through Shrine Island.

Stats and Abilities[]

HP Defense Will Magic Defense Quick Dodge Percent
15,000 100 999 999 235 30
  • Jeda Beam

Has an Attack Power of 300 and is unavoidable.


  • Jedos Beam

Has an Attack Power of 450 and is unavoidable.

When defeated, Gadianos yields 6,120 EXP, 2,500 Gold and is guaranteed to drop a Complete Kit, Moon Gun, and Sparkling Deck. However, if Gadianos is not defeated fast enough, it will flee, thus denying players of the spoils they would've gotten for defeating it. It is recommended that you save the game before fighting it so that, if it does run away, you can reset and try again.


  • The top of Gadianos resembles the Sentinel.
  • Jeda Beam and Jedos Ray's names come from the Japanese names for the Magic spells Eterni and Eternum (Jeda and Jedousa, respectively)
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