The Gates of Rixis is a complicated discovery to make.


A huge stone face that stands quietly, buried deep in the forests of Ixa'taka. The stones have been fitted so tightly together that not even an insect could crawl between them. It is a remnant of an ancient civilization.


Although it is rather easy to spot once available, it can only be found once the player has found BOTH The Great Bird and The Golden Man discoveries AND advanced the story until you are told to look for it, until then the game treats the Gates of Rixis as if it does not exist, after this the Gates of Rixis appears as a boulder sized stone head at the foot of one of the spire mountains, where it was invisible before. This discovery is mandatory in order to advance the storyline, as it is the access point for another Dungeon which the team must complete in order to complete the sequence of events in Ixa'taka.

Follow the direction of The Great Bird's beak, between two mountains. After passing between the mountains turn slightly to the west, this discovery is the boulder sized stone head located at the foot of one of the spire mountains, visible as a small square-ish shaped rock artifact. Upon discovering this discovery, the party will enter the grounds of the gate. The player is presented with a silent puzzle in which they will be required to place the stones from both discoveries in the empty eyes of two small statues flanking the gate. When done correctly the gate will open and "Lost City of Rixis" will be accessed.