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Women are like sunsets... they're beautiful, but there will be a different one tomorrow.
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— Gilder

Gilder (ギルダー[1]) is a major playable character in Skies of Arcadia.


Gilder is a darkly handsome man of 32 years. He wears a red duster like other gunslingers of Japanese media (Like Vash the Stampede from Trigun and Vincent Valentine from Final Fantasy VII or Alucard from Hellsing for instance). He wears a pair of slim-framed pince-nez which do not appear to be of any use other than appearance. Gilder is a freewheeling, free-love type of pirate with a woman in every port. He is most pleased while flying about the skies, shooting up Valuans, and liberating their treasure.


Gilder has had many flings, but no true love. He treats Vyse as a younger brother, and vocally envies the younger pirate's ability to travel Arcadia with two of its most beautiful women. Clara is crazy in love with him, but he avoids her, saying that "in some ways, she's scarier than the Armada." Gilder's philosophy on love is described by his motto. After the Battle of Soltis, Gilder goes back to his sky-sailing, hedonistic ways. His true love is the Claudia, his agile airship.

Gilder appears first on Empress Teodora's "Most Wanted" list for most of the game, but is eventually overtaken by Vyse, King of Rogues, Mighty Cannon Vigoro or Lord Zivilyn Bane. Gilder fights both at close and long range with his pistols. His S-moves also involve his guns.

In spite of his laidback appearance, Gilder has the experience of a career pirate, which Vyse lacks, and is primarily responsible for enabling the group to escape the Grand Fortress a second time and advising Vyse to gather a crew as well as to build a base of operations on Crescent Isle - the place from which Gilder originally rescued Vyse following shipwreck.


  • Gilder is actually a mistranslation of guilder, a currency used in the Netherlands up until 2002 when it was replaced by the euro.
  • His epithet is "The Unfettered".