Glacia (グラシア?) is the capital city of the Purple Civilization, buried in the Lands of Ice.

Information[edit | edit source]

The people of the Purple Civilization were known to the Silvites as powerful mages, and used their ability to harness the Purple Moon to create the city. It is an inverted city, built directly under the ice shelf of their lands, giving the appearance of towers and structures hanging down from the ceiling like icicles with nothing but open sky below. Walkways across the city allow it to be navigated, but even these walkways are dual-sided. Because it was constructed below the ice, Glacia was unharmed by the Rains of Destruction, and is exactly as it was during the Old World.

In-Game[edit | edit source]

Many years later, Vyse and his Blue Rogues journey to the city on a quest for the Purple Moon Crystal. The gates to Glacia had been barred by some power unknown to Vyse, but a system of crystals (Guardian Stones) permits them access conditioned on successfully answering three questions related to the Purple Moon, its crest, and its people.

This, however, is all that remains of the inhabitants of Glacia: when all three questions have been answered, the Blue Rogues find the city completely abandoned, save for the monsters still loose within. Fina conjectures that perhaps those of the Purple Civilization left their city to invade another land, only to perish in war or the continuing Rains, but the questions of where they went and why they left the city remain unanswered.

Guardian Stones Questions[edit | edit source]

As previously stated, the party must answer the three Guardian Stone's questions in order to enter Glacia. If the player answer these questions correctly, not only will they be able to advance further into Glacia, but they'll also boost Vyse's Swashbuckler Rating. Conversely, should the player answer incorrectly, they will return to the ruins entrance and, depending on their answer, may receive a reduction in their rating. The questions and the correct answers are as followed:

  1. Deep within the Purple Moon Stone lies the power that holds the world still. What is this power? ("Power of Ice")
  2. The Purple Crest hides a certain number. What is that number? ("Maybe 2")
  3. What are the abilities most valued by the people of Glacia? ("Will and Spirit")

Bestiary[edit | edit source]

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