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A Grapor

A Grapor is a monster that resembles a fish-like creature. It is a green element enemy and is one of few enemies in the game with no palette swap counterpart.



Grapor can use the following abilities:

  • Attack
  • Run: This monster has the ability to try and run away, thereby removing it from the battle if successful. This ability removes the monster in a way that doesn't count as a kill (the party will not gain any EXP or Gold).


When defeated, Grapors yield 9 EXP, 129 Gold, and a single guaranteed piece of Grapor Meat. Grapors appear briefly as random encounters on the deserted island, where Vyse must slay 15 in order to advance the story; they'll stop appearing afterwards.


Name Element HP Attack Defense Vigor Will Magic Defense Quick Agile Hit Percent Dodge Percent
Grapor Green 40 180 194 64 86 194 106 10 85 20

Japanese Names[]

English Name Japanese Name Meaning
Grapor Fūdon n/a