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Grendel (グリデ・ガルデ Guride Garude) is the cycloptic Green Gigas. Unlike the other Gigas, he doesn't seem to have any sort of fail-safe function in place as instead of just stopping in the event of its master's death or critical injury, it goes berserk and destroys everything in its path. In the case of the wandering Rhaknam and still-awake Yeligar, Rhaknam doesn't cause destruction intentionally (he only creates damage by simply swimming by) and Yeligar was successfully stopped and sealed fairly easily, implying that it didn't go berserk like Grendel did.


After the Rains of Destruction fell thousands of years before the adventures of Vyse and crew, most of the Gigas receded by command of their masters or their deaths. However, Grendel continued its rampage, destroying what was left of its masters kingdom. It took the work of the Silvites to put it back to sleep.


Grendel is a giant humanoid with a hollow chest. It lay sleeping in the Ixa Taka forest until it was awakened by the King of Ixa Taka who used it against the invading Valuan Armada until he was defeated. After De Loco fired his Test Cannon (prototype Moonstone Cannon) at the king's ship, the king fell unconscious, and Grendel lost its sanity and ran amok. Grendel was stopped when the Little Jack caused it to fall into a lake. King Ixa Taka then gave Vyse and the gang the Green Moon Crystal.


Grendel has three special attacks:

  • Boulder Throw - Grendel picks up a boulder and hurls it at his target.
  • Grendel Fist - It punches his target with a huge powerful fist.
  • Stomp - If you choose to attack Grendel's feet, he will step on his target.


When "defeated," Grendel yields the Grendel Wing, a boomerang for Aika made from its bone that contains a portion of its power. Though the "main" way to defeat Grendel is through using the Harpoon Cannon at him when prompted to, when fought against by a sufficiently high-level party, it is possible to reduce its HP to zero using regular moves. The animation then follows as if Vyse had used the Harpoon Cannon, with the outcome of the battle being the same.


  • Grendel was the name of a giant and the first main antagonist in the Anglo-Saxon epic poem Beowulf.



Skies of Arcadia Killing Grendel

A video of bringing Grendels HP to zero

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