Piccolo, Maria's pet Hamachou

A Hamachou is a round bird with a broad, short bill, two beady black eyes, and a pair of short wings. Most hamachou appear in a variety of colors and are found predominantly on Hamachou Island and in Yafutoma as pets.

Moon HamachouEdit

There is also a rare species of hamachou called the moon hamachou that eats only moonfish, the only known example of which is Maria's pet Piccolo. Moon hamachou also do not appear to make their homes on Hamachou Island, as after Piccolo flies off, he is not seen anywhere on the island. Moon hamachou also appear to grow at a much faster rate when presented with food, as for each moonfish that Piccolo consumes, he grows noticeably, and for a set number of moonfish, Piccolo will enter another developmental stage of his life.