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Horteka (ホルテカ?) is the tribal village past the South Ocean in the region known as Ixa'Taka.


The local people in Horteka do not trust outsiders. Because of their experience with the Valuans, they're initially hostile to Vyse and his friends, but refrain from using violence against them, either because of Fina or the fact that they're not Valuans. They make a notable exception for Centime and his adopted family, as his arrival via crash landing predates the Valuan colonization.The village consists of many people which have varying ranks such as a shopkeeper, a tavern keeper, a dancer, a lookout, and their leader the Village Elder. At the order of the Village Elder, services are to be provided to Vyse and co., however reluctantly. After Vyse frees the area from Valuan occupation and Grendel, the locals welcome them with open arms.


Similar to native civilizations of the American continents during centuries past, Horteka is behind in modern technology. They often refer to the Valuans as attacking them with "fire-breathing ships" and such. The weapons merchant also comments that before outsiders came the only use for weapons was for defense against wild animals. The people of Horteka themselves do not possess steel ships and cannons. Their knowledge specializes in medicine and sustainable co-existence with nature. With the exception of Centime, they are unable to join Vyse's fight against Galcian since they do not possess any kind of battleships of their own.


One common thing about Horteka and the other nations is that it too has a monarchy. Horteka has a King and high priests that seem to keep the government in check. However, because of their culture, the government has little interest in material wealth, and is very humble.

Crew Members[]

Later in the game Vyse can recruit Crew Members. Three of them can be found in Horteka:

  • Merida the dancer can be found in the tavern.
  • Hans can be acquired as well after getting back from Yafutoma.
  • Tikatika (the man in the bird outfit) can also join, but you have to discover the Ixa'ness Village first.


After defeating Grendel, the hut at the top of the tall pole to the left of the Entrance gives you a Tropica, very rare seed that boosts HP by 200