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Ilchymis (アルキュミス Arukyumisu in Japanese) is a Valuan scientist, born in Valua's Upper City.


Originally from Upper City Valua, Ilchymis was known as a scholar even from a young age. His skills at research earned him reknown with Valua's most talented scientists. He was inspired to experiment with the creation of medicines after experiencing first hand the plight of poverty-stricken Lower City Valuans who have no access to affordable medicine. He exiled himself from the country after the Valuan authorities attempted to force him into using his talents to create weapons for the military. After the events of the game, he returns to Valua to open a pharmacy.

During his time on Crescent Isle, he makes it clear that he does not condone violence in any form, but makes the exception for Vyse as he believes in Vyse's cause.

His hobby is gardening and his birthday is Purple April 23rd.


Ilchymis can be found on his island in the upper sky north of Valua. Speak to him and ask him to join your crew. He'll refuse the first time, but leaving the island and immediately returning to ask again will reveal his condition for joining: one of your party must have learnt the spell Riselem.

Once recruited, Ilchymis will set up a shop in the cave on Crescent Isle next to Osman and Ryu-Kan. Before upgrading his shop, he will sell healing items of all types. After pay

Ilchymis island.png

ing him 1,000 Gold, he will also sell seeds that can raise the party's stats.


Ilchymis' Attack

Ilchymis Fate

Ilchymis's Crew Ability requires 8 SP to execute.When activated, Ilchymis increases the ship's stats for one turn. If included in the Active Crew during the Blue Rogues special attack, Ilchymis appears holding a book and says, "See my true power!" and uses a magic spell to heal the group.