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Ixa'Taka (モンテスマ Montesuma?) is the continent flourishing under the Green Moon, located between North and South Ocean, and to the west of Mid Ocean. As a discovery, it is acquired automatically during a cutscene after successfully braving the strong currents of the South Ocean. The player does need to actually cross South Ocean to gain this discovery and continue the storyline.


Most people on this world do not even know that a continent exists beyond the treacherous South Ocean. The discovery of this lush, rich continent with its long history has demonstrated the possibility that even more unknown, undiscovered lands may await.

The Valuan Empire has already made its dominating presence known to the Ixa'Takans for quite some time, at least several years before the events of the game. Currently, the Ixa'Takans are being forced into labor at Moonstone Mountain, tirelessly mining precious materials for the Valuan Army.


Ixa'Taka itself also contains a number of locations and discoveries that are visited as the game continues. Horteka is the main village that Vyse and his companions first visit.


  • Ixa'taka is based on pre-colonial Central and South America, with the Ixa'takans being analagous to the various ancient civilizations that once dwelled there. Rixis in particular seems to be based on the city of Tenochtitlan, the ancient capital of the Aztec Empire, and on Macchu Piccu, the mountaintop sanctuary of the Incas.
  • The relationship between Ixa'Taka and Valua is very similar to real world ones between Early America and Western Europe: a continent unknown to most of the world and technologically behind, but highly knowledgeable in natural sciences, would be violently dominated by more militarized nations in hopes acquiring their vast natural resources.