The Ixa'Takan Palace is the 17th Discovery that Vyse and his crew can make.

After the events in Ixa'taka, Domingo will begin looking for this discovery. The player should have no trouble finding it long before him unless they didn't know about it and miss it entirely.


This stone palace was once the site of ceremonies based on the ancient lunar calendar, built during the reign of the Moon Kings. This place flourished as the center of Ixa'takan civilization for ages, but was destroyed several years ago by the Valuans.


Located on the primarily Ixa'taka continent, on the area east of the major ravine blocked off at the north end by the iron net. It is in the forests just south of the Kings hideout, in the forest floor area south of the zigzagging terraced geography leading up to the two spire mountains. A short sweep of this area should produce the Palace quickly. The Palace is located in the area where the Black Market Merchant ship travels in a large circle.