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Tara, Lira, and Pera (タラ、リラ、プラ Tara, Rira, Pura?) (also known as the Ixa'ness Demons (モンテスネスの三つ子魔女 montesunesu no mitsuko majo?, "The Triplet Witches of Montesunesu")) are a group of three Amazon-like girls exclusive to Skies of Arcadia Legends. All three are green-element enemies.


Vyse and crew can fight them after finding the Ixa'ness Village discovery and recruiting Tikatika. Despite their youth and bearing the obvious hallmarks of typical teenage girl behavior, they're all incredibly powerful warriors and well-trained in combat. They sail the skies and cause trouble in order to find men worthy of their affections; worthy being defined as stronger than they are. Though they're all very attracted to Vyse (for his good looks), going so far as to argue over which of the three deserve him, they're not at all distracted by their crush when they initiate the battle. For all their formidable battle power, Aika has trouble viewing them as anything other than annoying brats with no manners.


In battle, each girl fights differently; Tara's physical attack can put party members to sleep and she can also use the powerful Chak Mol Super Move to damage the party and possibly inflict fatigue (however, it is only usable while all three girls are in battle). Lira mainly uses healing magic and Noxus. Pera uses a variety of support magic and her physical attacks can potentially inflict confusion.

Ixa'ness Demons' movesets in bullet form


  • Attack
  • Noxus
  • Sacri spells


  • Attack -- can cause Confusion
  • Quika
  • Incremus
  • Sylenis
  • Drilnos


  • Attack -- can cause Sleep
  • Chak Mol -- an all-hitting attack that does severe damage and has a chance of causing Fatigue

Note: The 3 girls can also guard at seemingly random times. 

In the beginning of the battle focus all attacks on one of the girls (probably Lira because she has the lowest Defense rating and is the healer of the trio) and knock her out so the remaining two can't use Chak Mol on your party. A Pirates' Wrath with Increm in effect serves nicely. If Gilder is in the party, use his Aura of Denial every turn. Otherwise, simply have Fina wear a Constitution Gem or a Wind Gem Ring because falling asleep (which can happen pretty frequently) will render her unable to use Lunar Cleansing or Lunar Light , both of which are essential for this fight.

An alternate and more aggressive strategy is to try to rapidly build up enough SP in order to use Prophecy , which is even more effective than Pirates' Wrath. The risk with this idea is that Prophecy takes several turns in order to prepare, and therefore may run into Chak Mol multiple times. For the easy way out, use an Aura of Valor and then Prophecy.


When defeated, Tara drops a Riselem Crystal, Lira drops an Aura of Valor and Pera drops a Tropica. Reporting their defeat to a Sailor's Guild will net Vyse 8,000 Gold.

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