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Ixa'ness Village (モンテスネスの村 montesunesu no mura?, "Montesunesu Village") is a Discovery found in Ixa'Taka, and is needed to recruit Tikatika, who is searching for the village for years, to your ship.


A tribe of women that lives on a small island in Ixa'taka. They are skilled and fearsome warriors. They raid nearby villages twice a year to kidnap men. The numbers of men in nearby tribes have been almost reduced to nothing.


Later in the game the Ixa'ness Demons will be found flying near the village, but will only appear if you discover this village. Interesting enough, if you found this discovery right after you crossed the South Ocean, the Ixa'ness Demons' wanted poster will appear, but they do not become available to fight until later (probably because they would completely cream the party at this point in the game).


This discovery is located on the medium sized island directly north of the island where Moonstone Mountain is located, very near the Ixa'taka/South ocean border. The Discovery is on the opposite coast of the island from the Grey Stone Reef, located in the second of the 3 notch-like clearings in the rainforest on the east coast of this small island. It is easily found by traveling north from Moonstone Mountain and following the edge of the rainforest along the eastern side of this isle and allowing the ship to pass over the center of the clearings until the compass begins to spin.


  • The Ixa'ness seem to be based on the real world Amazons, a mythological nation of all female warriors. In turn, the Amazon River of South America was named after the latter.
  • As an interesting side-note, although this discovery is obviously a full village, the player cannot dock here or visit the location in any way other than sailing around it. Given conventional wisdom however, it would seem to be a very bad idea to attempt to enter this village anyway, perhaps giving rise to it being out-of-bounds.