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Jao and Mao are the twin leaders of the Tenkou.


In their quest to collect a thousand swords, Jao and Mao challenged prince Daigo, but were soundly defeated by him. After their defeat, they pledged their loyalty to him and became his underlings.


Jao and Mao first appear in the game after the party makes it into Yafutoman air space, challenging Vyse to a ship battle and then to hand to hand combat, where they were defeated yet again.

They retreat to their base on board the flag ship of the Tenkou fleet, the Yin Yang, where they encounter the party yet again when they come to seek aid from Daigo.


Jao and Mao are fought in Yafutoma after fighting the Tenkou Spellship. Both are blue-element enemies. They can use the following abilities:

  • Attack
  • Irnagun: Used by Jao. Jao says "It is time for you to die" and damages a single target with several violet-colored shurikens.
  • Tatatimorutto: Used by Mao. Mao damages a party member with a series of kicks.

When defeated, the two enemies combined yield 2,979 EXP, 1277 gold and a single guaranteed Moonberry.


After seeing Vyse's strength in the battle of Yafutoma they become inspired by the spirit of the blue rouges and swear to only take swords from those with evil intentions. They later join Vyse's pirate armada to aid in the battle of Soltis and after Daigo is made the new king of Yafutoma they are made admirals in its navy.


Name Element HP Attack Defense Vigor Will Magic Defense Quick Agile Hit Percent Dodge Percent
Jao Blue 2681 312 268 89 107 268 156 25 125 25
Mao Blue 2681 312 268 89 107 268 156 25 125 25
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