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Justice Shield (エスクード Escudo) is the second Super Move learned by Enrique.


Justice Shield reduces all battle damage to a party member by 50%, making it very useful against enemies with strong attacks. Like Aika's Delta Shield, Justice Shield is an Expedited Ability, meaning it is used at the beginning of a round regardless of Quick rating. Interestingly enough, Daikokuya's Golden Flurry bypasses the effects of Justice Shield.

Though the attack is titled Justice Shield, Enrique actually says "Shield of Justice" when he unleashes the move itself. Enrique draws his blade and shouts, "May righteousness be our shield. Shield of Justice!"

Note: If Risan or Riselem is used to revive a character on a turn when Justice Shield is used, the resurrected character will not get the effects from Justice Shield. However, if characters are resurrected from Lunar Light, they will still get Justice Shield.


The name for Justice Shield, "Escudo", in the Japanese version means "shield" in Spanish.

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