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As with many other video games, Skies of Arcadia underwent a number of changes when localized for western audiences. Many of these changes were retained in subsequent releases of the game, including the Japanese version of Skies of Arcadia Legends.

Aika's dislikes[]

During a cutscene early on in Rixis, Aika states that the two things she's afraid of the most are cockroaches and ghosts; however, in the original Japanese version, she says she hates "dirty old men" instead of cockroaches.

In the North American version of Skies of Arcadia Legends, Aika does indeed say "dirty old men" instead of cockroaches. In fact, she makes at least one more reference to "dirty old men" throughout the game.

Alcohol reference[]

The original Japanese version has characters drinking rum, an alcoholic drink deeply associated with pirates. Furthermore, the original version also had several NPCs who were depicted as drunk; while most were edited in the localization, a few were removed outright. The English version replaced rum with a fictional beverage called loqua.


Before the final battle, Ramirez originally grips his sword tight enough to make his hand bleed and then swishes the sword to the side causing the blood to fly off and splatter onto a white backdrop. The scene was altered in subsequent versions to remove the blood, although strangely other instances of blood were left intact, including the blood seen during Ramirez's Silver Tundra move.


Some characters' outfits were altered to be less revealing. Two notable examples include Belleza while disguised as "Bellena" (see gallery below), and Vigoro when fought in Aika's cell at the Grand Fortress.


Some dialogue was altered in the localization for one reason or another. Some of these include kyara-gobi (a single word/suffix added at the end of sentences; frequently used by many characters in Japanese fiction) and toning down more explicit comments.

Tobacco references[]

Multiple characters in the original game were depicted with a cigar, including Dyne and Gilder; Gilder even has a victory pose in the original that involved him holding a cigar. The localization removed all traces of cigars and changed Gilder's victory pose to one with Willy perched on his shoulder.


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