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The Little Jack

The Little Jack is Drachma's personal ship and is named after his son, who was killed by the arcwhale Rhaknam. It is painted a bright green color, and Drachma's flag (a black hand clutching a "swordfish") appears flying atop the tallest mast.


It is a very old model of smaller fishing boat which has been substantially outfitted for ship to ship combat. Although not initially, the vessel is almost immediately equipped with a Harpoon Cannon, the large frontal spear device seen to the right, which is launched at high velocity at other ships and/or targets. Players first board the Little Jack once Drachma rescues Vyse and Aika after Rhaknam destroys their small boat, as Drachma explains via mentioning that he had been throwing the debris overboard afterwards.


The Little Jack becomes the primary vessel and mode of transportation for the player around half-way through the game, and remains that way until shortly after obtaining the Green Moon Crystal. The battles against Recumen and Grendel are fought onboard the Little Jack, and it is also used to escape the Grand Fortress during the first visit there.

During a confrontation with Rhaknam near Valua, the Little Jack is set on fire by an attack from Ramirez's ship. Drachma sends Vyse, Aika, and Fina to safety in the lifeboats but ultimately decides to stay with his ship, which is pulled to safety by Rhaknam due to it being tethered to him by the Harpoon Cannon.

The little Jack without the Harpoon cannon.

The Little Jack is supposedly dragged through the skies all the way to the lost city of Glacia, Rhaknam's home. Rather than try to escape with it, however, Drachma decides to stay with the dying arcwhale in his final moments, which is where Vyse and his crew are reunited with him later in the game. After Rhaknam passes and Drachma accepts his loss, he is shown returning to the Little Jack with the resolve to start his life over as a fisherman.

The Little Jack makes a final appearance as one of the ships to assist Vyse in the battle against Galcian's fleet.

Fighting Abiliy[]

The vessel is surprisingly powerful for a fishing ship, and holds it's own against several battle-cruisers (most notably the Lynx) and similar challenges throughout the storyline. It is outfitted with a total of six cannons, three on each of it's port and starboard sides, and the Harpoon Cannon on it's forward side. Drachma seems to have had good reason to equip his ship with such heavy armaments, given that he appears on the top 10 most wanted pirates list during the earlier part of the game. Obviously, this ship has been in a fair few fights even before the player encounters it.