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"Moons, give us your Blessing." - Fina

Lunar Blessing (月の恵み tsuki no megumi?) is the first Super Move Fina learns. It costs 1 Moonberry to learn and 12 SP to use.


Fina unleashes the power of all the moons to bring your party regeneration. She puts out her hands and summons energy. Blessed by the power of the moons, each party member regenerates 200 HP to their health each turn. The effects last until the end of the battle, but is cancelled out if the target becomes poisoned or unconscious.


Lunar Blessing is not very useful since the SP cost makes it difficult to use early on in the game, and by the time the move is more readily available, the fixed 200 HP recovery becomes a laughable fraction of what's needed to be of use, even for Fina, who has the lowest base HP of all playable characters. To add further insult to injury, many bosses possess S. Moves that can remove beneficial status conditions. Finally, random encounters usually don't last long enough for Lunar Blessing to restore enough HP to be worth your while.

Ramirez's Lunar Blessing[]

Ramirez's version of Lunar Blessing.

During the final battle, Ramirez uses his own version of Lunar Blessing. Unlike Fina's version, Ramirez's is much more potent, recovering 600 HP rather than 200. The animation features Ramirez standing alone in a crater with the Silver moon shining behind him as he holds out his hand, quoting "Moons, give me your blessing". Then the apparent O-zone layer splits and allows a trickle of small sparkles to fall into Ramirez's left hand, the hand in which his silver crystal is stored as it then begins to glow with rays of white light as he holds it to his chest, being lifted into the air and then shining fully himself, before landing back onto the ground and his sword reappearing in his hand.

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