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The Lynx over Nasr

The Lynx is Admiral Belleza's personal battleship. The player will automatically engage in battle with The Lynx after Vyse and his crew Escape from the Red gigas.

Battle Information[]


The Lynx carries a custom armament, including modified versions of both cannons and torpedos.

  • Lynx Cannon
The Lynx Cannon has an attack of 130, a range of 0, and a hit chance of 90%.
  • Lynx Subcannon
The Lynx Subcannon has an attack of 110, a range of 2, and a hit chance of 88%.
  • Lynx Torpedo
The Lynx Torpedo has an attack of 100, a range of 2, and a hit chance of 60%.


The Lynx Ship battle is considered to be one of the hardest ship battles in skies of arcadia. Belleza´s Ship can deal a lot of damage randomly in a single turn due to having Torpedo´s and Subcannons as a part of her arsenal, thus making her damage output hard to predict.

Depending on the player´s magic and ship weaponry, different strategy´s may be needed to win this fight. The recommended way to win this fight is by prioritizing Evading/defending, healing and focusing through the battle, until the player can fire the harpoon cannon. The remaining health of bellezas ship can then be reduced to 0 by either using cannons and reasonable intervals, or by waiting for another harpoon cannon

It is highly recommended to have Sacres ( Rank 3 "Green" healing magic) and increm ( Rank 2 "Red" +25% Offense and Defense Magic) for this fight.


Name HP Defense Will Magic Defense Quick Agile Dodge Percent
Lynx 25000 40 130 150 65 30 10

Battle Decisions[]

during the battle with the Lynx, you will be given the following decisions to make

  1. A) Try to get behind her ship ( Wrong)

B) Turn hard to try to catch her by suprise ( Correct )

2. A) Wait and see what she does (Wrong)

B) Set engines to full speed and get behind her (Correct)

3. A) Head straight upwards (wrong)

B) Bring the Jack to a Complete stop (Correct)


When defeated, the Lynx gives out 3520 EXP, 2400 Gold, and drops a Captain’s Stripe (100%), a Magic Cannon (100%), and a 3" Blaster (100%).


  • Like all flagships of the Valuan Armada, the Lynx is named after a constellation, situated in the Northern sky. The lynx is also a type of predatory wildcat, possibly a reference to the ship's offensive prowess.
  • In Sonic and All Stars Racing Transformed, the Lynx cameos in the Skies of Arcadia track as one of the Valuan ships attacking the Blue Rogues. Besides the Hydra, it is the only Valuan flagship featured.
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