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A Magma Tiki (デシェレト Deshereto) is a monster that resembles a stone statue. It is a red-affiliated enemy and is one of few enemies in the game with no palette swap counterpart.

In-battle, the Magma Tiki can use the following battle command:

  • Attack: A standard physical attack.
  • Tremble: This ability doesn't do anything, except warn the players that Lava Storm will be used on the next turn.
  • Lava Storm (ファラオの業火 Farao no Gouka): The enemy breathes a stream of fire that triggers a fiery explosion, inflicting damage on the party.

When defeated, Magma Tikis yield 120 EXP, 118 Gold, and have a 8% chance of dropping a Pyri Box. Magma Tikis appear in the Temple of Pyrynn, often as scripted encounters when players attempt to open certain treasure chests.

Since they are generally fought as mini-boss style enemies, Magma Tikis are a bit stronger than the other randomly fought monsters in the temple. However, they aren't quite as strong or dangerous as the Death's Head and give players advance warning in regards to when they'll use their strong multi-target attack.

HP Attack Defense Vigor Will Magic Defense Quick Agile Hit Percent Dodge Percent
291 168 172 57 57 172 38 5 85 0
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