Vyse and company journey to Maramba in their search for the Red Moon Crystal.


Maramba is a small town located on the western side of the desert continent of Nasr, roughly equidistant from the northern and southern tips. As with most of Nasr, it is surrounded by sand and has a hot climate courtesy of the Red Moon.

Despite being a much smaller town in comparison to the capital city of Nasrad, Maramba, like many cities, has a dock, a Sailor's Guild, an Inn, a tavern, and several shops.

Maramba is where Vyse and crew first encounter Bellena, Belleza's alter ego.

In-Game AppearanceEdit

In the Game Cube remake, wanted enemy Rupee can be found here after completing the Temple of Pyrynn.

As a DungeonEdit

Maramba contains seven treasure chests, two moonfish and a cham

Maramba contains no random encounters.

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