Marco is a character in Skies of Arcadia who originally lived in Valua's Lower City. Although he originally came off as annoying to Vyse and Aika, he eventually helped them with their rescue of Dyne and his pirate crew. He is also the first character Vyse recruits for his very own pirate crew after he gains the Delphinus.



Throughout their encounters in Lower City, Marco continually exhibits a stubborn, defiant, and street-wise attitude, and even threatens to "rat on" Vyse and company to the guards so that they will be executed. When challenged, it is revealed that living in the sewers of Lower City has given Marco very little will to live, and he feels that death would be a relief from searching for food each night in the garbage bins.


Marco is a short boy, presumably much younger than Vyse, with messy red hair, a bandage on his cheek, and freckles. He sports green and white clothing which appears to be well-worn and rather raggedy. When he first encounters Vyse and Aika in Lower City, Marco greets them with a crass attitude, stating that they look like "sailors... and stupid ones at that". Aika insinuates that Marco's behavior is reminiscent of Vyse when he was little (which Vyse vehemently denies).

Bio and StorylineEdit

Eventually, after seeing Vyse's perseverance through inconceivable odds, Marco aids Vyse, Dyne, and the other Blue Rogues in escaping through Valua's Catacombs to Upper City. He begs Vyse not to go, revealing that both his mother and father were killed by guards while attempting to escape from the city. Vyse provides him with words of encouragement that later lead to Marco's impressive feat of stowing away on board the Delphinus. Later, Vyse can find Marco hiding under a storage panel on the ship's bridge, ready to become a sailor and one of the twenty Crew Members.

During his time sailing with the crew, he becomes somewhat less caustic and more courageous, concerned, and willing to help in the fight. Despite hating the oppression of life in Lower City, Marco still feels some loyalty to his country, Valua.

Crew Member RoleEdit

If Marco is in your Active Crew, during ship battles you can use him to recover SP twice as quickly, though it costs 8 SP initially to activate. During the Blue Rogues Special Move, Marco stoops down to his uncouth ways by picking his nose, extracting a glowing, green, globular booger and flinging it at the screen, presumably to damage the enemy, or at least the enemy's pride.

According to the story's epilogue, Marco returns home to Valua to aid in the reconstruction of the country. Notably, he goes on to become the 1st Admiral of the New Armada, though it does not specify how long after the ending that this takes place.

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